Animal Traps
have been used
to catch critters
since time began.


Wiley E Coyotes    Famous Road Runner Trap

A live trap can catch a skunk & relocate it safely

The many brands of animal traps available will boggle your mind. But the basic traps fall into these categories. Some animal traps are for specific animals and some traps are used for many animals.

It is likely that mans need for food back in his cave man years caused him to create simple traps to snag his dinner and lunch and more. He set up stones to fall and sharpened sticks to stab and vines to snare to meet his need for meals. These traps have their origin from those times.

Animal traps: Squirrel in live trap

Animal Trap Categories:

Kill Traps:

Some trap designs kill the animal fast, others do it slowly and considered inhumane by some groups.

Live Traps or Humane Traps:

Other traps are humane and called live traps because they allow you to catch and relocate the pest or take the live animal to the animal control officer to do with it as they wish…out of your sight…a good thing for many folk.

13 Common types of traps and a few pictures of animals caught by a trap (above and below):

1. Leg Hold Trap: A live trap that restrains the animal.
2. Body Grip Trap: A kill trap that crushes the neck of the animal.
3. Closed Box Trap: A live trap. Same options as open box traps but with solid sides.
 4. Open Box Trap: A live trap. Wire mesh. Single Door or Double Door or Door on Top; You can get dividers and covers for transport. Small, Medium and Large and Huge sizes. Also special designs for birds.
5. Snare Trap: A live trap that restrains the animal.
6. Spear/Scissor Trap: A kill trap for moles.

Animal traps: Mole in kill trap

7. Barrel Trap: A live trap design for many animal traps. Small for skunks up to large for bear. Solid sides.
8. Suit Case Trap: A kill trap. Used for water animals.
9. Net Trap: A live trap. Many animal traps use this design.
10. Snap Trap: A kill trap. Small for mice and large for rats.
11. Bucket Trap: A kill trap. Fill container with oil or water 1/2 full, the animal jumps in and drowns.
12. Dead Fall Trap: A kill trap. A tree or rock or (Anvil…remember the one Coyote used in cartoons)and falls on the animal.

13. Sticky Traps: A live trap. Glue traps or sticky traps detain the animal or insect or reptile for you so you can solve your problem.

Are there traps near me for sale? Yes, animal traps are usually available locally near you in farm and garden as well as some big box stores.

But before you choose this option of trapping your pest in a live animal trap, you need to know how you get it out of the trap and know what you will do with it then.

If you are at all unsure, then you should likely let a pest control specialist do it for you.