a flock of birds on power lines

13 ways to

stop birds from being pests


Types of birds and bird identification

Beautiful ones like the cardinal or as it is known down south, the red birds. The seems never-ending. Wild birds come in all shapes, big birds and little birds, water birds, and occasional lost exotic birds.

How do they become pests?

But when birds peck for hours on the side of your house, beat on and crash into your windows, eat the plants in your garden, pluck your small pet and carry him off, drill holes into power poles or your favorite fruit tree as well as other things that drive you crazy, they become pests and you have to find a way to stop that unacceptable behavior. Chirping for hours on end and migratory birds in huge flocks peppering your property and house and car with poop quickly relegate them to the group with the label of a pest.

bird poop on blue car makes it unsafe to drive


1.  Do not feed them. Remove feeders and water sources that keep them hanging around.

2.  Remove their nests and houses. That means that these flying birds have to build their nests elsewhere.

3.  Get a large dog and a large cat. They must be big enough that they are not a potential meal, but a threat if it lands near them.

4.  Make noise. From clapping your hands or yelling at them to automatic motion activated noise cannons and water sprayers, a radio playing 24/7 in the garden, or a sonic or ultrasonic sound device to irritate them, or play a recording of a bird in distress to put them on edge…and fireworks. Many of these products are available locally or from web sites on the internet.

5.  Make their life unpleasant. Install spikes…remove a flat perch opportunity by creating a 45 degree sloped perch where it was flat…place a sticky or tacky mixture on a perch because they are not happy when that stuff gets on their feet. Another method uses the rotating sweep of a bar to knock them off their perch. Or cover your plants or whatever they get into, with netting. Netting can be used on trees, over plants, in front of windows and many other places to get rid of and stop them from being a pest or hurting themselves.

6.  Use scarecrows. Yes the scarecrow made from hay that look like you, but better yet, plastic snakes, coyotes, owls, and hawks. However, you must move them regularly because they will get used to them and start to ignore them if you don’t do it. Scarecrows may be available locally.

7.  Zap the with bright lights. Flashing, laser, or any other combination will upset them causing them to consider your neighbor’s home as a better place to bed down for the night.

8.  Use shiny moving objects. Hang shiny tape, aluminum plates, or Mylar balloons from nearby trees.

9.  Use decals. When they crash or peck or attack your windows (for whatever their reasons), put a >decal of a hawk, or a silhouette of almost anything on the window. That will usually stop that behavior quickly.

Warn people of the pesky bird problem:

park sign beware aggressive birds

TO REMOVE Pesky Birds:

10. Live trap them.

Purchase a wire trap that made specifically to capture them so that they can be relocated. You probably have to give them a ticket to China because they can just fly back if you let them go close to your house.

Purchase netting to catch them in flight.

11. Hire a falconer. To find a licensed prey handler, try your State wildlife agency.

12. Shoot them. Federal law protects most non game birds from being shot. Check what is legal in your community before you use that firearm, pellet gun, slingshot, or blowgun.

13. Poison them. This is probably not a good idea and likely not legal, so you better check it out with the local authorities before you solve the problem this way.