fly on finger

Flies: Top 13 ways

to get rid of your house fly

A Day with one house fly? Nope.

Unexpectedly once, and then again, and again, a house flies lands on you. A genuine natural pest at that moment.

But then another house fly buzzes and lands on the kitchen counter. And later another fly is in your car and you can’t get rid of that irritating insect pest without having an accident. Flies are everywhere and there are over 76,000 kinds of flies and it sometimes seems like every one of them has picked on you to irritate.

You need pest control for sure.

13 Ways to get rid of a house fly or flies:

1. Fly swatter: DIY that is…Do it yourself. A book, rolled newspaper, a store-bought screen on a stick. They are all effective and are typical of the major weapons used to get rid of a fly.

2. Fly tape: The tape is sold in rolls. Little narrow ones for your home  and big fat wide ones for the barn. The tape has a sticky substance on it and the house fly lands and can’t take off again and dies on the spot. Found in many big and little stores everywhere.

3. Sticky boards: The house fly lands and he is stuck. You put the flies and trap in a plastic bag and toss it in the garbage. Sold locally.

4. Catch a fly in your hand: Basic ORGANIC PEST CONTROL. Some of us are fast enough to catch and kill a fly with a swipe or a slam, but to most of us, this technique is just plain impossible to do.

This is a natural organic way to get rid of a fly as a house pest or barn pest. If you keep trying, you will get better at it.

5. Electric/ultraviolet or lighted fly zapper: Electronic pest repellent in the form of an electric trap that ZAPS and kills insects are commonly heard when you are at a picnic or in your yard and the neighbor has one on his porch. Zap. Zap. Zap. An automatic bug killer that never stops. It gets rid of any bug that flies into it…mosquitoes, moths, and others. These traps use either an electric grid (the Zap sound) or a sticky pad to hold the flies until they die. These used in restaurants out of sight of the customers in the non-food areas.

6. Sex smell traps: Pheromones (the sexual scent of a mate) is integrated onto a glue board or sticky trap where flies lands to have fun and are quickly stuck down and die.

7. Dust the area: This is a farm solution primarily…with the toxic dusts available from equine supply vendors locally or on the internet.

8. Mist the area: Another barn solution for animals in enclosed areas. Periodically a fine mist is sprayed automatically to remove pests in the barn. A farm store is where you will find these pest control devices designed to stop and kill flies.

9. Contact sprays: There are many products available for you to choose from. Both organic and chemical, these sprays kill the flies either quickly or over time after they are sprayed. Available locally. Read and follow the directions on the label to assure your safe use of these strong products.

10. Bomb the area: Chemical fumigation bombs can be purchased to kill all bugs including flies and other pests in a specific area. Available locally with instructions on the proper use and a list of the insects that will be eliminated.

11. Get a predator: Mites, beetles, parasitic wasps are some of the biological pest control agents you can use. Parasitic wasps are available on the internet quite easily. They feed on the fly eggs and fly maggots and cut the numbers of flies that can drive you crazy.



12. Remove breeding sites: You have seen them…maggots…crawling, squirming, ugh. And how do you get rid of maggots? To learn click here.

Remove the wet areas that these filth flies do their thing in and which quickly becomes a mass of maggots. Damp moist areas around sump pumps, wet ground, rotting foods, compost piles, garbage areas, pet droppings…just about any damp area will do the trick for a fly looking to raise a family. Regular grounds maintenance of trimming grasses and removing clippings next to buildings and barns is important as well.

13. Keep them out: Screens in good repair on doors and windows, higher air pressure inside than outside, air movement from fans pushing outside…all of these help…but there no one answer for flies…you must wage a war constantly to keep them under control.