squirrels eats bird feed and feeder


A Cunning Pest

Squirrel Facts

Squirrels are smart, cunning and can drive a bird lover mad. They often do a lot of very serious and expensive to repair type of damage.

Squirrels that you make disappear either by trapping or killing, are replaced with new squirrels in seconds (so it seems). So what can you do after you decide that your squirrels have become pests.

26 things that squirrels don’t want you to do!

1. Use Decoys: Short pieces of black garden hose or a plastic fake snake and moved regularly deter some members of the family.

2. Use Noise: Let a radio play or a allow blasts from a motion activated cannon helps but it will likely bother you more than them.

3. Use Strobe Lights: most people report they don’t work, but a few swear by them so they made this list.

4. Use Wire Netting: Cover plants and small trees with wire netting.

5. Stop feeding the birds: This will remove the smorgasbord that you keep putting out for them.

6. Get a big cat: to chase and catch them once in a while.

7. Train a hawk: A lot of Federal approvals involved.

8. Cover your garbage cans: It removes another source of their food intake.

9. Clean and shut your barbecue grill cover: This is another food source they will find.

10. Seal roof entry holes: Plug up all access holes into your roof where they can climb in and nest.

11. Trim branches: Trim those that overhang the roof.

12. End utility wire access: Have an electrician put 3 ft of PVC pipe on the utility wires. It rotates when they walk on it-they fall.

13. Remove abandoned vehicles:  Remove these ready-made nesting areas.

14. Spread moth balls: Put them around every few days.

15. Use predator odors: Purchase and spread around a fox or coyote urine repelling product.

16. Use your odor: Soaking cloth with human urine will do. Any deer repellent also will likely work.

17. Use pepper: A mixture of pepper and water sprayed it on the items they are eating works for some folk.

18. Use blood and oil: In the garden sprinkle blood meal and citrus oil products.

19. Use a commercial repellent: Purchase any of the many unique organic squirrel repelling products found at your local hardware store and follow the directions.

20. Use odor or touch repellents: Put Vaseline or spray turpentine or bird foot gel where they walk- the smell and touch is upsetting.

21. Use baffles: Baffles and inverted cones on trees and poles inhibit their free climbing ability.

22. Use poison: There are no approved poisons. Poisoning is sometimes not safe for other non pests in your area and it is illegal in some communities so check it out first.
We were told that peanut butter with rat poison put inside a 2 inch PVC pipe (so it is not readily available to other animals) has been reported as successful.

23. Live trap and relocate: Take the squirrels many miles away or on the other side of the bridge over the big river. They will always die (territory conflict, starvation, and predator problems) but you won’t see it happen you will believe you did a good thing for them.

24. Live trap and kill them: Shoot or drown them. Dispose of their carcass in a plastic bag in your trash, or bury them…just be sure to create a large squirrel graveyard, because there will be many more to follow.

25. Use a kill trap: Kills the squirrel…instantly.

26. Shoot the squirrel: Air guns are weapons of choice. Bury them, eat them (tastes like a cross between chicken and rabbit), sell the fur, or put them in a bag and into the trash.

Is it legal, maybe yes, maybe no. Check if you are permitted to do it in your community.

Remove any squirrel carcass from within or near your house as a decaying squirrel can really stink.

Best idea maybe is call a pest control company.