maggots wriggling at KFC

30 ways

to get rid of

and kill maggots

Maggots are always a surprise visitor

Where do maggots come from? Maggots suddenly appear from just about anywhere…dropping from the ceiling, crawling on the floor, out of cracks, even on a wound on your pet cat or dog, or on your sheep, and even on humans. These rice like wriggling fly larvae are nasty, upsetting, vile, and another thousand words that describe things that we humans don’t want around, like bed bugs, an ant, and a cockroach. People just want them gone…and don’t want to see them any more.

Not everybody hates them

If you are from Sardinia, you may like your maggot cheese covered with live maggots. Or from other countries where fried maggots are a delicacy. And then the folks that use them to fish for carp, or feed them to their pet carp. And last there are those who feed them to their backyard bluebird.

But primarily, they are so hated and so not tolerated, that people have come up with many and often unique ways to get rid of maggots and many ways to kill maggots. The purpose of this article is to report to you the many ways that people have claimed to use to successfully kill maggots.

Here is the list for getting rid of them

1. Vacuum the them and put them in a plastic bag and trash them.
2. Pour bleach on the them.
3. Drown them in water, gasoline, kerosene, oil or other fluid.
4. Flush them down the toilet.
5. Step on them.
6. Pour boiling water on them.
7. Burn them with lighter fluid, gasoline, or blow torch flame.
8. Spray carburetor cleaner on them.
9. Feed them to your fish.
10. Guineas and chickens love to dine on them.
11. Mix hot water and disinfectant like Pine sol and pour it on them.
12. Spray them with hair spray.
13. Pour diesel fuel on them.
14. Use any pesticide on them…spray, bomb, powder…containing PERMETHRIN.
15. Freeze them in a plastic bag, then trash them.
16. Expose them to the direct sun.
17. Spray them with brake cleaner.
18. Pour powdered lime on them.
19. Pour lice shampoo on them.
20. Pour toilet bowl cleaner on them.
21. Spray topical anesthetic on them to freeze them.
22. Direct the steam from your iron or steam carpet cleaner at them.
23. Drown them in Pledge.
23. Spray antiperspirants on them.
24. Pour Borax on them to dry them out.
25. Pour oven cleaner on the them.
26. Use a paper napkin and squish until it pops.
27. Spray wax or grease remover on them.
28. Spray spot remover on them.
29. Deep fry and eat them.
30. Be creative. There is a 30th way to get rid of maggots or kill maggots.