crow pulls potato chips out of bag

5 ways

to get rid of crows


All are “crows” of different sizes, shapes and colors. The one thing they have in common is they are very intelligent birds of opportunity. Regarding the difference between raven vs crow, simply the raven travel in pairs and have a fan type tail and the crow call is higher in tone. The crows travel in a large group of crows and have a wedge type tail.

A black crow is a scavenger and predator that cleans up road kill and any other dead body. I guess that is a good thing for the public works department.

crows rip up garbage bag

How crows become pests

But the crow intelligence (there are some pet crows) gets them in trouble. That is why they are often called pests and need pest control activity regularly.

  • Crows rip open plastic garbage bags and scatter the trash that you placed in the bag on the road side waiting for trash pick up.
  • Crows raid bird feeders and eat that expensive seed you put out for songbirds.
  • Crows raid farmers grain crops and even eat small young lambs at times.
  • A crow will usually roost at night with others by the millions creating health and nuisance problems with their droppings and their constant never-ending noise.
  • A crow does stupid things like hoard their food (dead animals) in bird baths and crows tear the rubber wipers off car wiper blades. Why? Who knows but they sure become a pest fast when they do stuff like that and irritate the heck out of us.

So what can you do about them

1. USE VISUAL DETERRENTS: Use decoy owls, balloons with big eyes on them, Mylar tape that blows with the wind…but you must move them often because the bird is smart and quickly figures out your game.
2. USE SOUND DETERRENTS: Use sounds to scare them. A propane motion activated sound cannon, or  buy a CD especially designed to scare them away, firecrackers, horns…but the chances are you will scare off your neighbors before you move that crow population away.
3. USE ROOST STOPPERS: Use sticky substances, electrically charges wires, tall bird spikes, sticky tapes…all these things make it hard for the crow to roost and all these different alternatives can be purchased on the internet.
4. USE NETTING: Netting, blocking their roost, or covering whatever they have attacked will do the job…if you can put a net over it.
5. SHOOT THE CROW: Hunting permits can be obtained to shoot any crow that is a nuisance or a health hazard under rules as defined by the Federal government. Then you can “eat crow.”

Need help getting rid of them?

A local pest control company will do the job for you.