horse fly

Green-head Flies

6 ways to get rid of horse flies

They are known as Flying Sharks

Green-head flies. Horse flies.

They buzz and bite you at the beach, picnic grounds, on the farm.

Horse flies and green head flies are very aggressive and they leave nasty bites. Because they are so big their nickname is “flying sharks.”

horse fly

These are the 6 best ways to get rid of them

Make your horse flies and green head flies disappear.

1. Use natural organic or chemical repellents: Most are not usually good for more than an hour or so, if at all. There are repellents specifically designed for these type flies for stable and beach use. They are available locally.
2. Avoid their areas during early morning and late afternoon: The flies are much less active during the middle of the day.
3. Avoid their areas on a calm day: The flies do not like the wind, so a windy day means no nasty greenhead flies or horse flies to bite you.
4. Stay up high: Those lifeguards in the towers at the beach know what they are doing. Most of these flies never fly higher than 3 feet off the ground. So getting friendly with a lifeguard is one of your options, free from the flies.
5. Build a beach based trap: Instructions on how to build a fly trap to get rid of most of them is on the internet. Of course this only applies to the few who own a beach.
6. Leave the area: Yes unfortunately, this is your last and best choice. Sit in the car. Go in the house. Put screens between you and the green-head and horse flies and follow the advice in #2 and 3 above.