fly sticky ribbon

Insect Traps

7 different types


Insect traps come in many different styles.
Most of us are familiar with the ZAP…ZAP…Zap sound that electrified insect traps make as they kill mosquitoes and any other insect that flies into it. Yes that trap your next door neighbor leaves on all night and keeps you awake.

We have listed the choices you have for trapping insects.

sticky paper

1. STICKY TRAPS: These are those usually yellow traps that have a pheromone (sex smell) in them that attracts the insect and it gets stuck. But there are also fly traps that are sticky. You see them hanging from the ceiling in a shed at about 1 inch wide or in a barn where they are 6 inches wide. And of course the proverbial “fly paper” that you see in the cartoons and does the same thing in our real world. For the DIY crowd, you can buy the sticky stuff as a liquid and make your own trap…just as big as you want to catch whatever you want.

2. ELECTRIC TRAPS: Bug zappers. Attracted by ultraviolet lights usually they just kill whatever fly’s into it.

wasp bottle traps

3. BOTTLE OR CONTAINER TRAPS: These traps are similar to the traps you buy for Japanese Beetles or for wasps. In fact a coffee cup or drink cup turned upside down and placed over a spider is a variation of the bottle trap.

winged trap for fly and bird

4. NET TRAPS: Very efficient when placed in an insect flyway. In fact, scientists use net traps to catch their specimens for study as is shown in this picture. They are also used to catch birds.

painted insect barrier on trees

5. BARRIER TAPE TRAPS: Tape, sticky or not, paint, or other variations are placed around or along something to stop the advance of an insect such as used to stop Gypsy Moths from climbing back up into the trees to feed or a column of ants.

6. CONTAINER TRAPS: Any container filled with a fluid such as a saucer with beer at ground level to attract slugs.

7. VACUUM TRAPS: Your home hand vacuum cleaner or a special made hand-held vacuum that sucks in an insect is a trap for insects. They work on almost all insects quickly. Turn it on, suck it in, dispose of pest.