house ant head extreme detail

How to kill ants


Ants Are Scary

Up close, an ant is very scary to look at. Their jaws are extremely huge and no wonder they can grasp and lift and drag really big things relative to their size. They show up suddenly virtually anywhere and it becomes necessary to kill ants so we cannot see their massive jaws.

What Do Ants Eat

The ant colony will establish themselves wherever there is food to eat and water to drink. The crumbs of food that people drop and the dead insects of all kinds, and the stores of food in your kitchen are but a few of the examples of what ants eat in the house. Ants are one kind of house bugs that live with you. In the ant world, the types of ants include army ants, red ants, sugar ants, black ants, hairy ants, pharaoh ants, ants with wings, flying ants, and in your yard we would also include these and fire ants and crazy ants and many other types depending upon where you live in the world. And to confuse you further, there are white ants which are not ants, but are termites.


Ants Are Food to Many Animals

We present instant tips to kill ants…like the ones eating your food in the kitchen and bathroom and yard or under the carpet…out of your life. Some tips are obvious but we have found several others that are often overlooked. Too bad that anteaters are not in the area because they would make short work of them just as guinea hens and chickens would do.Anteater will eat your house ant

So these are a few basic ways to eliminate house ants.

  • Kill these ants one by one…under your shoe. It will be a long process, but it is free and easy.
  • Put a glue board in their way to catch and kill them as they are marching in line to find their food.
  • Vacuum them…then toss the vacuum bag. Yes, bag these live guys and gals and outside trash them.
  • Kill ants by pouring boiling water directly on them…But think about the mess it might make…before you pour.
  • Kill ants with ant spray in the house or in car…Use insecticide spray that says “Use for Ants” without or with wings somewhere on the can.
  • Trap them…Hide some of those small containers that contain a lure and poison designed to kill them and their queen in their nest.
  • Poison and redirect their army…Insecticide soap on trails removes the scent they follow and kills them ending their life and their lifespan.
  • Natural ant killer include the animals that feed on ants and removing their food and water or mixing borax with honey as an example.
  • Natural ant repellent include many different plants and interesting concoctions. Read about them here.
Maybe the best way?

We have had great success using Liquid Bait Stations. These traps are inexpensive and when the ants find these killing stations, hundreds on hundreds rush in and feed. But in about 4 days, there are no more ants.

kill ants: house ants climbing a board

  • Beware…fire ants bite even when floating in a large group entwined with each other in a mass, on the water…Be warned. Do not try to kill them by placing anything for them to crawl on to. No paddle, no stick, no anything…as they are looking for solid land and will swarm up that road you offer. However you can pour liquid soap on the floating mass of ants and that will break the tension that allows the mass to float and they will drown one at a time. Hooray.