small indoor lobster

About a scorpion

Scorpions are night hunting creatures so most of us find them as we walk in the dark, stepping on them and they sting us quickly. We describe them as small indoor lobsters with pincers in front and that “it really hurts” stinger in the back. They live up to 10 years but never venture further than a few hundred feet unless you give them a free ride somewhere else in a plant pot.

The scorpion sting

Their sting is like a bee sting except for one type, the Arizona Bark Scorpion which can be fatal.

  1. Control the insects: Scorpions feed on insects, bugs, termites, roaches, and ants so that if you don’t control them, you will have scorpions.
  2. Maintain your property: Trim, mow, and keep it cleaned up.
  3. Seal it up: Caulk all small openings into your foundation, and keep your screens entry hole free.
  4. Burn wood quickly: Bring in wood only when you need it and put it directly in the fire.
  5. Dim outdoor lights: Outdoor lights attract the insects scorpions feed on, so yellow bug bulbs, dimming or extinguishing the lights provides less food…and you have fewer scorpions.
  6. Use glue traps: Glue traps scented with roach smells are effective.
  7. Use a pesticide: Pesticides, chemically toxic or organic and non toxic come in all sorts-granules, powder, dust, liquid, and aerosols. These products can be purchased locally.
  8. Use your vacuum cleaner: It will suck up dirt as well as an unwanted scorpion so you don’t have to touch him.
  9. Hire a professional: A pest control professional can use a stronger and longer lasting pesticide than you can buy and they have better ways of detecting pests such as black light techniques to find their hiding places.