This website:

This information website started many years back as, and has been recently redesigned and upgraded to with a site identity of Pest Control Field Guide©. Our non-professional content is read by millions of visitors from all over the world that are experiencing similar pest confrontations about which they are seeking a quick and uncomplicated understanding.

The problem:

Mother Nature has allowed one or more of her wonderful creations to live a life cycle that has interacted directly with someone. As many of us have alarmingly discovered, that normal behavior of Mother Natures creation often collides insignificantly or sometimes violently with the human daily activity cycle and that activity becomes abrasive and creates a “pest situation” and a problem for you to mitigate.

For over 10 years we have maintained, revised and grown the scope and targeting of this information website about pest control choices for the non-professional public and periodically offered our readers more information from which they may or may not choose to solve their specific pest problem.

We understand:

Not everyone will agree with some or all the methods we illuminate to solve a general or particular pest problem. And we understand that some of you will argue that a pest is a problem or that a pest is, in fact, a pest.

But if you have with a real problem of interaction that in your opinion requires resolution, it is your situation and your search for “what to do”, that this “information only” website targets.  In response to your “need to know”, we present relevant alternatives from the obvious to the obscure or from removal to a kill, all for you to consider before you chose any legal and ethical solution with which you are comfortable.

The bottom line is very simple:
  • The choice of method of pest control is yours and is 100% in your lap.
  • Our mission is to give you a range of relevant information, written clearly and easily understood by any visitor, free of stated or inferred explicit recommendation, so that every visitor may make an informed choice of either acquiring professional services, doing pest control himself, or doing nothing.

Thank you and have a great day.