Stop the iron clad

lawn digging dillo


Oh no. Someone dropped miniature bombs on my lawn last night.

That is how many who have witnessed the destruction of their manicured front lawns describe it. Yes. An armadillo (dillos) did it.

The armadillos that look like they just came out of the movies are active early in the morning and very late at night. Adult armadillos including a hungry baby armadillo will dig up your lawn looking for grubs and insects just under the surface and digs burrows to sleep in, always right where you didn’t want anyone digging.

So how do you get rid of the armadillo?

TRAPS for Armadillos:

  • Most folks trap them in a live raccoon sized trap or grab him with a snare holder and relocate them elsewhere. These traps are on the internet and at a few local stores.
  • Some folks shoot or drown them while they are in the trap but be certain that is legal.
  • Bait the trap with nearly rotten fruit or earthworms in a nylon type bag. Because they just wander, it is hard to pin them down for a great trap site so herding them to it by placing boards leading to the trap may help.


You could fence them out with a wire fence but it place it down into the earth about 12 inches because they burrow regularly.

armadillo standing for his picture


  • Commercial sprays and granules to spread are on the internet or available locally.
  • Armadillos have a keen sense of smell and many remedies make their sensitive nose smell odors that are irritating and they then move elsewhere. Drop a rag in their burrow soaked in kerosene, ammonia, vinegar, or urine are examples. Moth balls and pine needles are also smells they flee from as well, some of you could try your socks as well.
  • You must eliminate their food source-grubs, insects, and mole crickets in your lawn. Pesticides will do that for you and gradually the armadillo will move on when the food supply is no longer easily available.

Consider a local pest control removal company to help you save your lawn from a second or third round of destruction.