beaver builds dam

Beaver build dams

only where there are water sounds

When a beaver builds their dam it is to stop the flow of water and beavers do it primarily based on the sound of rushing or in their mind, escaping water. In fact, if you put a speaker with the sound of flowing water on a side of a pond where there is no water flowing out, they will build a dam there. So if you can address the sound part, you can control the beavers and their dam building quite effectively.

How this sound addiction beavers have, applies to beaver damage control:

  • If you put a large pipe through the dam with the intake to the pipe 20 feet or so up from the dam and the other end of the pipe below the dam significantly, beavers usually will not realize that the water intake is not being blocked, and because the beavers don’t hear the sound of any more water flowing at their dam, the beavers stop building.
  • Beavers Can Be Very Expensive Pests: There are many ways to control and get rid of beavers and their dams when they do damage to tree farms and roads and necessary flood prevention drainage, and we address them under our beaver page.

beaver dam floods road

A short story to enjoy: My Two Legged Beaver

Several years ago in Maine, we had to break apart a small beaver dam that got higher and higher over a month or two and but we never saw them building. We admired how awesome they were at using small rocks and logs and mud to rebuild again and again what we tore apart.

Walking in quietly one weekend evening, we finally saw him. He was kneeling in the water, his sneakers neatly on the bank, weaving logs and stones and pushing mud between them. When we approached, he just looked at us and kept working.

We asked him to stop and he quietly remarked that the beavers were busy and had to finish rebuilding the area we had damaged (removed) earlier.

It did not take long to discover who he was. He was a resident of a nearby group home, mentally challenged and who was responding enthusiastically to the challenge on behalf of the local beaver population.
How we finally got him to stop is a story for another day. Yes, kids, there is at least one beaver with 2 legs and does not swim or have a large flat tail who builds and rebuilds dams.