big foot footprints

Finding Big Foot: Discovery

near Frog Mountain Alabama

Big foot foot print

Is Big Foot real and is it a male or a female and is it a pest?

Have you noticed like we have, that all the pictures never show the sex of the Big Foot. So, is it a male or female? Pictures found often show big foot evidence such as big feet tracks in the sand, or creek bed, or show a hazy shadowy thing that is devoid of those personal attributes that tell us the sex or gender of who is trampling in our garden and stealing our vegetables or spooking the dog in the dark when you were trying to get that badly needed good night sleep.

Enough of the small talk that keeps us wondering.

So where was he or is it she when was this footprint was found?

We learned of Big Foot sighting in Alabama by accident when visiting a small History Museum in Northeastern Alabama in the town of Centre where we saw plaster casts of alleged Big Foot tracks in their collection as you enter the front door. And are these big feet verifyable Big Foot tracks? You bet they are big feet, the type that Big Foot would have. They are bigger than in this picture. Visit the Museum and check them out.

When we asked where the Big Foot castings came from we were given the very vague answer that they came from the Frog Mountain area of Cherokee County in the 1980’s. Apparently Frog Mountain is a small mountain rich in old trails leading to and from old 1880’s iron ore mines and nearby long dormant furnaces where strange encounters of many kinds were often reported such as lighted orb balls darting to and fro somewhat kin to UFO’s that one hears about.

Want to learn more about this Yeti Big Foot?

We were told by the Museum staff that if we wanted more specifics for our research of sightings, we were advised to visit this website to follow the trail and information that only local residents would know.

That may help you in your quest, but we still wonder if Big Foot is a boy or a girl!