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Birds of Prey

How to get rid of them

All about birds

Birds of Prey: Mostly big birds but usually never seen but from far away by those people who love bird watching.

birds of prey tawny owl

Beautiful birds but they are cunning with their keen eyesight. These wild birds often fly circles high in the sky waiting for something to move or sometimes noting something did not move. Then they swoop down at incredible speed and accuracy, talons extended. Their extra sharp talons slice and dice and grasp and if the target is not bigger than they are, they fly away, and head to a roost or private place where they can eat their catch.

Why birds of prey become pests

That means you lose pet birds, baby ducks, small dogs and cats, or chickens and just about anything small that runs, crawls or climbs. They are fast, usually silent, and extremely effective.

In Maine, while the owner watched helplessly, a small dog was snatched right out of the fenced back yard, easy pickings for a hungry bird. How many pet cats and pet dogs that disappear are a meal for one of the family of Birds of Prey. More than most folk realize.

birds of prey barn owl with prey

If you want to get rid of one, better check the law.

Owls, falcons, raptors, vultures, hawks, buzzards, eagles, harriers, kites, osprey, secretary birds, baza, goshawk, and besra may be protected. We suggest that you call a professional trapper or State wildlife agent or falconer to help you with this kind of problem.