Brown recluse spider

Brown Recluse Spider Picture

Its bite, and what to do.

Many names

Also known as Violin Spider, Fiddleback Spider, Brown Spider, Mediterranean Recluse, Funnel Web, Cellar spider and Chilean Recluse.

The number of names tells you that they are found in many places and that includes your clothes, shoes, gloves, wood pile and on and on.

Obviously they are brownish and have the unique feature of 6 eyes in 3 pairs. Yeah right, you discover those eyes only after it is dead. Most other spiders have 8 eyes in 2 rows of 4. And they are venomous. A bite is a mess to deal with. See the picture of a bite symptoms and you should seek treatment as quickly as possible.

Brown recluse spider bite on leg

The major difference you need to know

The difference is significant between the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow stays at home (near the web) to eat and the brown recluse spider forages for food.

That means the brown recluse spider wanders into places where humans stick their hands or feet…like in your boots. That will bother the spider and of course he bites you. Or perhaps you roll over on one who is wandering around your bed or the couch looking for a quick meal and you end up with a bite in your you know where. Not good.

They do not want to bite you but when you brush against them they defend themselves as only they know how.

Check this out. In Kansas, a woman in an older home counted her recluse spider guests for 6 months and counted 2055 of them, and no one was ever bitten according to a California spider specialist. Hmmm.

Get rid of the Brown recluse

Shake your boots upside down before you put them on.
Vacuum regularly in all dark corners where they may be hiding.
And now click to read our general guidance pages on how to get rid of spiders.

Spiders: How to get rid of them

Or you can call a local pest control specialist.