butterflies vs moths

Discover how butterflies

differ from the pesty moth

butterflies vs moths

Butterflies vs moths without getting technical

Many butterflies are very colorful and almost all butterflies are active exclusively during the day.
In contrast, most moths are fairly drabby colored and are active at night.
But there are a few butterflies that are dull and a few moths that are brilliantly colored and fly during the daytime.

A better way to distinguish butterflies vs moths is to look at their antennas.

  • Butterfly antennas are shaped somewhat like a golf club, with a long shaft that has a “club”at its end.
  • The majority of moths have antennas that are either simple filaments, tapering to a point at their ends, or are very complicated structures with many cross filaments, looking somewhat like radar antennas.”

Response courtesy of the North America Butterfly Association

Which is the pest? The answer is pretty clear

Have you ever heard of a butterfly being a pest. Likely not.
What do moths eat? Moths are a major pest by eating your clothes and more. Check out our moth page for how to get rid of them.