clay pigeon

Clay Pigeons

Check them out

(a bit of whimsy for today)

How to get rid of clay pigeons.
How to kill them.
How to trap them.

Clay pigeons…they fly but are not birds…now…how can you get rid of this pest.

The answer…shoot them down…just clay body parts laying on the ground.


Final remains of clay pigeons


But it is not the pigeon that is the pest. It is their owner.

Clay pigeons are not eatable

If you are the next door neighbor to the shooting range or farm meadow where the guns are fired over and over…you know the answer…they are a pest and pest control is necessary.

Pigeon shoot next door

As to how you get rid of a pigeon that are causes so much noise next door…
not our expertise…we deal with live pests like roaches, spiders, mountain lions, cougars and bears.

Best of luck asking the shooters to do their thing quietly. Right.