Coyote vs Dog

16 Amazing differences.

Was that a coyote or a dog that ran across the road?

The dog or coyote, disappeared into the brush as you approached. You pet cat has not been seen in the last few days yet the food dish is empty each morning.. Did the neighbors pet dog take it or do you have coyotes in the yard?

Many wonder what is going on so close to their house…and… if they do see a coyote… would they know the difference…between a coyote and a dog.

The differences:

  • Coyotes are the size of a small German Shepard dog, 3-5 feet long, head to tail.
  • Coyote tails may reach 18 inches long, often black tipped.
  • Coyotes weigh 35-50 pounds, like a medium-sized dog.
  • Coyotes have long thin legs.
  • Coyotes have very shaggy fur, yellowish to dark brown/grey, almost black.
  • Coyotes have slanted yellow eyes unlike most dogs.
  • Coyotes have large pointed ears with white insides, the ears looking bigger than most dogs.
  • Coyotes carry their bushy tail drooped down not up like most dogs…up…tail.
  • Coyotes are very shy, similar to the shyest dog.
  • Coyotes are most active at night unlike dogs.
  • Coyotes are very clever and trick their prey or hide from you.
  • Coyotes are scavengers that eat anything including roadkill. Dogs don’t eat berries, bugs, etc.
  • Coyotes kill prey by grabbing the throat, not pulling the prey down like dogs.
  • Coyotes eat the internals of their prey, unlike dogs who tear the externals.
  • Coyotes walk in perfect in-line steps, unlike dogs.
  • Coyote tracks are about 15 inches long, a dog track is about 12 inches.