Dead pest odor

Something smells

Need dead pest removal?

Something smells bad. It smells like a dead pest odor. If you are someone who cleans regularly, that eliminates rotten fruit as the source…so then you probably have a dead critter somewhere inside. Under the couch. Or under the house or in the attic.

Dead rat in attic

That sickening smell could come from a skunk under the floor or groundhog or bat or rat or mouse or bird or even a cat between the walls or in the ceiling or attic…and the list of possibilities goes on and on.

Skunk odor under house

So what do you do about the bad smell or dead pest odor in the house? First, get someone to search everywhere and if it  is found and removed, then mask the odor with a spray.

Call a pest professional to solve the problem.
Then you must figure out how the animal got in there and close the hole in the screen, or the cracks in the foundation or whatever it takes.

Access hole for pests