Yes I use duct tape for everything

Duct Tape and Pest Control

Duck Tape or Duct Tape or Gray Sticky Tape

are all the same thing.

Everyone knows what it is.

You can buy duct tape for duct tape pest control in Wal-Mart in pretty colors, or in hunters camouflage, or in aluminum for planes, or duck tape in large widths for an instant repair of crashed NASCAR race car bodies during a race.

There are duct tape contests after duck tape contests where college students try to invent the newest best creative use of duck tape.

Duct Tape Pest Control

So how does one use the same duct tape to wrap Christmas presents for pest control?

  • To hold the sign is one example.sign up using duct tape
  • If you catch a gator…tape his mouth shut with duck tape so he can’t eat you for lunch.
  • If you live trap any animal with legs, wrap the legs with tape so he can not run away or thrash you to pieces with his hoofs or feet.
  • If you have a dead animal you can wrap it in tape, make a carrying handle, and carry it away easily…as long as it isn’t too big a pest.
  • If you double the tape over and place it down so the sticky side is up, birds…especially those pesky pigeons, will avoid that landing-place for sure.
  • For the tiny crawling pest, like little snakes or bugs, or caterpillars, the pest can get stuck and then he expires…but it can’t be cheap tape…it must be the military grade duct tape with aircraft type adhesive qualities.
  • And there are many more, probably an infinite number of uses…like covering a live trap cage with tape so the skunk can’t see you and spray you. Or you could line the bottom of a live trap cage so that the urine and other stuff that is scared out of your trapped prey…doesn’t soil the floor of you car as you drive to the place to set the pesky one free.

The fun is to think about the different uses that can make your pest control project more efficient.