house fly sitting on grape

Instant ways to kill flies

So many flies

We are including the “look like bees” that are so bothersome during their lifespan. Their red eyes and often yellow and black or their green colors make it hard for you to track them for the kill. And their swarming makes you so mad trying to kill flies seems that you are cursed. Flies keep getting in my house everywhere and likely into your home as well to hang around and bother we humans. They secretly lay eggs to start their life cycle and produce larvae and maggots.

Day after day, they appear on a mirror, poop on a counter, or float in a soft drink, or land quietly on your butter and vomit on a plate of food. They land in your coffee and float there until you see them and scream…there is a dead fly in my cappuccino. Ugh!

And some flies can bite

Some of them will bite when you are in the garage or chicken coop or are near water or on the beach and they will often be found on dogs when they come inside.

Many country folks swear that by placing a zip lock bag with water and pennies above your door, is a sure way that you can prevent them from flying through the door. But we believe that is not very effective.

Mother nature creates the best fly traps. One of the most efficient favors she has for we humans are spiders. Their webs catch the flies and below, the spider dines on his catch of the day. The same is true for you folks who raise plants in your house. Get a Venus Fly Trap and the plant below will catch and kill flies for you silently day after day.

venus fly trap

spider eats fly

Human designed fly traps

These include devious and creative ways to get rid of the pest. This pest has been that for centuries. If you read old newspapers and magazines you will see that they were a scourge of the daily life style and still are in barns, and beaches, and just about everywhere.

Fly traps and the most recent weapon to use against small insects…termed insect eradicators…include the very effective salt guns which are made in many designs. Below, under the photo of the sticky fly tape, we show you many choices so that your decision to eliminate your fly problem is easier.

fly strip with flies

A dead fly that you trapped, swatted, or zapped
is the most effective means of achieving a goal of “flies be gone.”

So what do you need to do to catch, trap, and kill them
and control and prevent more from suddenly showing up.


  • Swat the fly…sneak up and smash it. Use your hand, a rolled up newspaper, or a fly swatter.
  • Drown the fly…in a rotting odor liquid trap. These traps are used in barns to keep as many flies from the horses as possible. The trap stinks to high heaven so you probably will not want to use it in your house.
  • Trap the fly…with a super sticky hanging tape like in photo above. Check, fairly effective, but ugly and if you hang it where you walk and could bump into it, it’s really sticky stuff will make it cling to you. Not good.
  • Spray the fly…use a can of fly killer.
  • Suck the fly…into your home vacuum cleaner. Or you could get a hand-held vacuum gun to suck the pest inside and then empty the pest into the outside trash. Be sure you wait until you get outside because the flies inside the vacuum are not dead and could escape if you start to empty it in the house.
  • Shoot the fly…with a salt gun. So what is a salt gun?  A salt gun is the latest invention to kill ants, flies, bees, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes and many more small irritating both flying and crawling pests. Salt guns use your table salt and spray a few grains at a speed that will kill a small pest instantly without creating a mess or damage.
  • Zap them… Hang an electric zapper or swat with a handheld zapper shaped like a tennis racket and you will realize quick kills when you hear the zap sound.
  • Get a Venus Fly Trap…Mother Nature provides a very efficient plant which will help with a fly problem in the longer term. Check it out.