alligator reaches to ring front doorbell

How to get rid of
alligators fast

There are two kinds of alligators.

The good gator.

First, the good alligators that you never see (they usually leave tracks or clues) and because of that, you know it is not close by. There are other good ones on the other side of a fence in reserves both commercial and non-profit. There you can see and sometimes feed them under the watchful eyes of your host.

The bad gator.

And, the bad ones including that one outside now that you can see and want to know how to get rid of.

Alligators are pests when they lurk in your yard, pond, or anywhere close enough to you or your livelihood, such as when the gators tear up fishing nets to eat those fish you were catching to feed your family or to sell to the wholesalers.

Or like that woman in Florida who returned home to find an alligator in her kitchen…not a good experience for anyone.

Gators can be found in places that are just wrong (a back yard near the kids swings), or in the lake where the alligators are not a danger to anyone unless a child is playing on an unprotected beach.  The bottom line is gators are a pest to be dealt with or are great fun, so so ugly, and often a wonderful source of revenue from tourists and their smart phone cameras.

Oh by the way, many will ask about alligators vs crocodiles.

  • Alligators are found in freshwater only in the US and China and all their teeth are hidden until they open their mouths.
  • Crocodiles are the meaner ones and are found worldwide in salt water and some teeth are visible all the time.

alligators eats fish in net

But…back to the one you just discovered in your yard.

How to kill an alligator: Don’t.

Call a trapper.

How to get rid of an alligator: Let someone else do it.

Call a trapper.

How to stop an alligator: Don’t.

Get away from it and call a trapper.

How to trap alligators: Don’t try it.

Call a trapper.

Organic pest control. That term really doesn’t apply.

Call a trapper.

House pest. Yard pest. Farm pest, maybe. 

If you have one that is bothering you,

find a trapper.

There is only one choice.
Call a professional trapper.

Find the phone number of a trapper or call your local police department…now…not later.