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Spotted asparagus beetle

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Wouldn’t you know it.

This garden pest, the asparagus beetle, eats asparagus. Not in your refrigerator…but in the fields where your store-bought asparagus grows.

Types of beetle

The asparagus beetle comes in two flavors…on the bottom is the Spotted Asparagus Beetle and on the top is the Common Asparagus Beetle. The Asparagus  Beetles are both most active in the afternoon and both Asparagus Beetles can do enough damage to your crop that the asparagus will be unmarketable. The spotted is most destructive of the two asparagus beetles.

How to get rid of the Asparagus Beetle:


  • Plant tomato plants nearby as they repel the beetle.
  • Hand picking and squashing the larvae and adult beetles works.
  • Brush the larvae off the plant to the ground were they will die as they are unable to remount the plant.
  • Hope that some lady bugs find your asparagus garden as they know how to kill Asparagus Beetles.

Purchase some parasitic wasps on the internet or local farm and garden store. Release the wasps and they will paralyze the larvae, reducing your population of Asparagus Beetles.

Insecticides if used, are applied early in the morning or late in the evening to limit the numbers of beneficial insects that would be killed as a result of the spraying.