bear on dumpster

How to get rid of

big furry bears visiting

Big bears…a problem.
Bears with cubs…a very serious problem.

Bears playing in child's play area

If the bear animal is visiting you

and have become a serious pest, consider doing the things below very seriously and even consider getting a professional to catch and relocate them if your prevention efforts fail. to keep them away. That means they do not visit you anymore. No brown bears, polar bears or grizzly bears.

Keep your garbage cans inside the house or in a bear-proof dumpster.

  • Do not leave food, seed, or anything they can eat outside overnight.
  • Move compost piles where your table food is discarded far from the house.
  • Close shed and garage doors with bear-proof latches.
  • Close the windows in your car tightly to the roof when you are not using it.
  • NOISE: Loud noises activated by a motion detector will frighten them for a while until the they get used to it.
  • ELECTRIC FENCES: They often work but a determined adult who wants that food you left out can knock them down fast.
  • TRAPPING: Leave it to the professionals. It is not a do it yourself project. You can get in deep trouble and hurt quickly.
  • SHOOTING: Only shoot if it is legal and you have a big gun and backup gun. Not a job for back yard amateurs.
  • POISONING: There is no approved poison for them.

If you have the smallest doubt or concern about your safety, call a professional trapper or your local Police department or the Fish and Game service in your area and let them solve this pest problem.