bed bugs biting on the skin

How to kill bed bugs


Give thanks to the early colonists who brought bed bugs with them on their boats.

Bed bug bites suck.

Bed bugs suck on your blood usually within an hour of dawn.
Don’t believe the rumors, you can see a bedbug.

They are flat reddish-brown and small. The bed bug size is not very big, only about 1/4 of an inch long and move the speed of an ant. If a baby bed bug is well fed by getting a good bunch of your blood, the bed bug life cycle as an adult is about 8 months and if starved, sleep for a year or more.

To see signs of bed bugs

Turn on a flashlight about an hour before dawn and if you have them, you will likely see them scurry for a dark crevice such as under a sheet, across the mattress, or behind the woodwork.


Practice good housekeeping. Clean, vacuum, wash, sanitize, etc.

What causes bed bugs? Check your luggage after your trip…that is how they usually travel.

Sanitize that used clothing you bought at the local yard sale. Bed bugs look like those in the photo below.

bed bugs bite while crawling on skin


If you have bites or the dreaded bed bug rash in the morning, probably. Another way to decide if you have them is to hire a pest handler with a dog that has been trained to smell a bed bug infestation. They do a very good job but get a quote first.

  • Use a commercial glue traps to catch them. You can buy the traps locally.
  • Use double-sided tape around the bed or area. As they cross the tape they stick and you got “me”.
  • Sanitize your sheets, clothes, etc to kill the unseen ones.
  • Use neem oil from a tree found in India (look on the internet) and spread it around. Organic control does work.
  • Use garden grade diatomaceous earth under your mattress. You can buy at a hardware store.
  • Steam the bed bugs or spray them with rubbing alcohol.
  • Deep freeze your bed linens and clothes for several days.
  • Put the legs of the bed in cups of water or mineral oil.
  • Professional Services: If you are unable to get rid of the bed bugs, or feel it is more than you can handle, call a professional pest control specialist.

After all of this, you can sleep well and itch no more.