Orange Blister Beetle

Blister beetles

Pick em, squish em, feed em

Blister beetles are very toxic

Blister beetles are a real toxic problem for cattle, sheep, and especially horses. When they eat ones that are in hay, the toxins in the beetle can make them sick. In fact if they eat 200 or so, they can die. The beetles feed on alfalfa, soybeans, hay, clover and other flowering weeds that are usually found near the edges of a farmer’s field.

Best Practices Farming

Control by farmers is possible and the local extension service can educate you so that you use “best practices farming” to control these beetles before and after your crop is planted, matures, and harvested.

Backyard Pest Control

Get chickens. They eat them as if they are a delicacy. Get guinea fowl. They also eat them as well.

Neem oil is claimed by some as successful.

But the best way to get rid of these beetles is handpicking. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the old-fashioned very arduous hand picking works the best.

Pick and squish.