carpet beetle

Carpet Beetles

They eat clothes. Better act now.

If you see a few, you have a lot.

Better look for the rest of them now.

Carpet beetles are always hungry.

Carpet beetles will eat anything with protein. One blogger commented recently that these carpet beetles are the best thing going to clean up roadkill.

On a these beetles menu is your furniture, clothes, wool, fabrics, animal hair, pet food, powdered milk and of course the rug on your floor.

Carpet beetles can do very serious damage.

So…how do you get rid of the carpet beetles to stop the damage they have done and prevent more damage. Pest control…you need it now.

These are your choices to get rid of these beetles.


  • Buy some yellow sticky traps to catch them. Put a trap in each room or closet where they might dine. These traps work pretty well because they have the sex scent molded in them that says “come to me” and then they stick to the trap and die. When you have enough, just put the trap and beetles into a plastic bag and put it in the trash.


Purchase and use an insecticide that doesn’t stain cloth and is effective for a long time. Aerosols generally are not as effective as long as those insecticides that are sprayed or dusted. Larger areas like warehouses need the services of a professional to get rid of the beetles.