centipede crawling

Got centipedes

under your feet?

How many legs do centipedes have? Too many. They are creepy looking.

But they are hunters within your house. These good guys with their legs sticking out of everywhere, are fast and they munch every day on silverfish, and roaches, termites, and spiders and any other tiny bugs living in your house. Why they even go after bed bugs, those evil bugs that bite you in the dark when you are asleep.

You want to get rid of centipedes in your house?

Like other insects although they are not technically one, they need food and water to live with you. They like a moist house so keep your house dry and free as you can of tiny bugs, and they may then find it better to move out.

 How to trap and kill centipedes.

But remember in your house, they are like a Venus Fly Trap. They are a good guy going after the real pesky bugs.