chigger crawling

Invisible? Almost.

How to get rid of chiggers.

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What are chiggers? The chigger insect photo shows a red and orange chigger. Chiggers seem to dig into your skin which creates red spots…chigger symptoms…and then itch like crazy just like a bad insect bite.

But chiggers don’t actually dig in…but it looks like it and who cares anyway, as the new chigger home will be fine with the chigger and your chigger itch will be the sign the chigger is happy.

You need a magnifying glass

What do chiggers look like? You need a magnifying glass to see the chigger and the bug is so small that many people call them tiny lobsters.

Those tiny red bug bites bites that look like red spots will torment you with an intense itch that never ends…while the bug quietly feeds on the fluids in your skin. The itch is so bad that some have reported they keep scratching a phantom itch long after the bugs are gone.

Chiggers will die and drop off after several days of feeding on you…leaving you with that exceedingly nasty itch and red welt.


  • CHEMICAL: Spraying or dusting a yard or similar area with a pesticide (cyfluthrin) is the primary way to kill them. Repeated applications of this pest control agent in your yard and adjacent wild areas will control chiggers for a season. This pesticide is available locally or on the internet and is an effective chigger remedy.
  • ORGANIC or NATURAL: Spreading sulfur around the yard sends the chiggers away. Also beneficial nematodes will help you get rid of chiggers. And chickens and guinea hens dine on them as well as every bug in their feeding area.
  • Fire ants also eat chiggers but it is your choice as to which pest you want hanging around.
  • Some folk have said they use a propane torch to get rid of them. Interesting method for something you can’t see.
  • Cedar granules have also been reported as an effective natural pest control agent for chiggers.

If you have the itch, it is too late.

But we are told that DEET and other repellents have to be worn when you are about, knee-high rubber boots, and bathe as soon as you can to wash off any that haven’t attached to you yet, to be as free as possible from the chigger assault.


Put nail polish on them, or a solution with dissolved aspirin, or alcohol wipes, or anti itch products like hemorrhoidal creams that you can purchase…all aim to turn that tormenting itch…off.

By the way. Unfortunately, this writer has been bitten and the chigger itch is tormenting.