coyotes howling

How to get

rid of coyotes

The coyotes or coy dogs or “little wolf” is not normally a pest.

Coyotes do a world of good eating rodents for the farmer and in many urban areas nationwide.

coyotes warning caution sign

As solitary individuals, coyotes roam wide areas searching for food. A coyote happens at night when the coyotes are active, and when they howl…a coyote sounds are somewhat like a baby crying.
They weigh from 15 to 50 pounds.

coyotes track in sand

The population continues to grow larger and larger even though their territory has shrunk through urban sprawl.

As opportunists, they adapt to the human environment easily and the coyote numbers keep growing as they do.

(The Arizona coyote is not a four-legged pest unique to Arizona. The Arizona Coyotes is a professional hockey team of the NHL league. In this case it is the humans who are doing the howl during the games.)

So when are coyotes a pest?

  • Ask any farmer who has lost fowl or goats or rabbits…and they will tell you why pest control for this animal is required on their farm.
  • Ask any homeowner who has lost a cat or other small pet or had his pet food stolen every night….or can’t sleep because the howling keeps him awake.

coyotes eat kill in snow

How to keep coyotes away from your backyard:

  • keep pet food inside overnight, every night (they will steal that food right off a porch in the dark)
  • don’t feed the stray cats (they love to dine on cats, so if you don’t feed the strays, they will look elsewhere for their fast food
  • actively cut your rodent population (take away the food source)
  • secure all garbage cans and their lids (again lock up this food source)
  • remove fruit that has fallen off the tree (take their food before they get it)
  • keep your grasses cut short (it removes a place for this timid animal to hide)
  • fence the coyotes out (out of the garden, or yard, or elsewhere
  • get a very large watch dog, turn on bright lights, or install motion activated loud sudden perhaps human sounds
  • buy an odor deterrent which are normally made from the urine of an animal that is a natural predator of the coyote

If the above suggestions don’t work, then these techniques below may be in order.

  • Poison: Many people use rat poison to get them in one of two ways. Anticoagulant poison…the rats eat the poison and the coyotes eat the rats which transfers the poison to the them which kills it. Or…you can use a different kind of poison on the rats, a type that bursts the rats stomach and it dies. However in this way, you are reducing the number of rats, and the coyotes leave the area because there is not enough food, you didn’t harm the coyotes.
  • Coyote Hunting: If it is legal and you can shoot it safely, dispatch it. You may even be able to get a few dollars for the pelt.
  • Live Trap the coyote: This is hard to do because they are very wary animals. If they smell even the slightest human odor on the trap, you won’t catch the it. If you use a trap, place it over a hole with raw meat in the hole partially buried. When you catch this pest, what do you do next. Relocation is not recommended by the authorities…euthanization is.

Call a pest specialist if you have trouble with the coyotes which you can not solve.