Dust mite

How to get rid of

dust mites

House dust mites.

American dust mites. European dust mites. Both kinds of dust mites are tiny. Very tiny.

And ugly. Mites like to eat your skin…that is the flakes of your skin that fall off. These flakes are in your bed, chairs, just about everywhere…and that means mites are just about everywhere.

House mites are a bad pest…that is if you have allergies because your allergies to start giving you grief. You know you have mites at that point. When you vacuum, if they rot in the vacuum bag, boy…do you get an awful odor…and that is a house mite and his buddies rotting…but so tiny that you probably will not realize it is a decaying creäture causing the smell.

House mites thrive in your house because outside they get quickly eaten by other little predators and zapped by the sun. Direct sun does a them in. Inside your house there is not a lot of that commodity. Low humidity also kills them.

So…How to get rid of them. How to kill them. How to make them stay away.


  • Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of all the mites. But you can cut down their numbers by cleaning the house, vacuuming, washing bedding with hot water, using dust proof mattress covers, plastic window blinds instead of drapes, and wood floors not covered with carpets.


  • Vacuum them. Then clean the collection bag. Or you can freeze the bag because they cannot survive freezing or the high temperatures of hot water that you use when you clean.
  • Clean with disinfectant, hot water, and just do a good job…regularly.