ant with wings

Flying Ants

How to get rid of flying ants

Flying ants. Winged ants. Swarmers. Swarming ants. That is what we call them when, after a few days of rain, these flying ants suddenly appear inside the house swarming around a light or a window or on the walls outside the house or at the top of a mountain.

The reality is they have been kicked out of their colony…sent out to mate and die. The queen emerges looking to mate, loses her wings quickly, and drops to the ground to try to start a new colony. By the end of the day, both ants or termites lose their wings and expire.

This swarming happens so regular that it the swarming event is known as Flying Ant Day or Flant Day in some places.
So what are these flying ants? Are they ants or are they termites.
Could be either an ant or a termite.
But you can tell the difference with these observations.

Flying Ants:flying ant vs flying termite

  • 3 part body
  • a pinched waist
  • bent antennae
  • its probably summer

Flying Termites:

  • 2 part body
  • a broad or no waist
  • straight antennae
  • its probably spring

Do you have a problem? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

  • If the swarm came to the side walls outside your house, no problem. Just vacuum up their wings and remains.
  • If the swarm came from within your house, maybe you have a termite problem that you must deal with right away. Catch 1 or 2, figure out whether the winged insect is an ant or a termite and you must take action if it is a termite.