formosan termite

Formosan termites

can eat a house a day

How do you get rid of Formosan termites?

How do you kill Formosan termites? A little background first.
Formosan termites are nasty destructive little critters. Just 1 colony can eat an entire house in one day, well maybe a small house…your big house may take a little longer. Now that is as fast or faster than your local demolition company can wreck a house…and do Formosan termites have unions? Lets get back on subject of Formosan termites.

The point is…these termites eat wood very fast. Houses, boats, whatever. These termites are not picky. But they do not eat concrete even though it may look like they do. And how do they get from place to place? Well their colony controls all the area about 300 feet from their base. But you and I give them a ride.

One of the well known ways they travel from state to state is inside used railroad ties that we use for landscaping. We get a deal by phone, drive miles to get the ties, and then bring them home. Instant condo in a new area for the Formosan termite colony. They live good.

Then in the spring, flying Formosan termites

Then in the spring, the Formosan termites fly towards our lights,mate, lose their wings, and settle down onto and then into the ground to start a new colony…a new infestation to get rid of is on the way.

Formosan termites protect themselves by building mud tubes from the ground to wherever the wood meal is…like your floors. These tubes, or soft spots in the wood are indicators you are the host to their colony and they are happy as clams eating their way through, around, and into your house and in our terms…you done got a termite infestation.

Now that skinny you want. HOW TO GET RID OF FORMOSAN TERMITES:

Drill, dig, anything is OK just so you can apply the pesticide into the earth through a tube, or just pouring…to kill the termites. Apply a liquid Termiticide (pesticide) all around the house creating a barrier that stops them and kills them ending your termite infestation. You get that at your farm and garden store.


Place commercial bait stations around the house or structure and check them regularly. The bait is eaten and slowly kills the colony of termites by stopping their growth or by denying their digestive systems to get energy from their food…and they die. This method is used widely around the world to protect government buildings…and we guess they know the best way to protect their structures from Formosan termite damage.

Call a Professional.