white grub

How to get rid of

white grubs

Learn about white grubs

These grubs are found in the lawn at home, the grass at the golf course, and those pretty professionally manicured gardens we occasionally visit. These grubs are the larvae of beetles such as Japanese beetles, Green June beetles, and Chafers.  Grubs live just under the grass, no deeper that 6 inches down. They are white and come in many different sizes. Grubs are recognizable as they are in the shape of a “C”.

These grubs never leave the underground until they are adults. Moles, birds, skunks, raccoons, badgers, mice, rats, voles, gophers, muskrat, prairie dogs, or armadillos rip  up your grass hunting for the grubs. The white grubs feed on the grass-roots, sometimes so badly that the ground feels spongy when you walk on it.

Why are grubs a pest?

Because they cause damage to turf or attract other animals that damage the turf rooting around looking for them as a quick meal. Brown leaves, dead grass, small holes everywhere, tunnel runways…all are reasons we call grubs pests and we apply lawn grub control to get rid of and kill white grubs.

How do you get rid of white grubs?

  • NATURAL or ORGANIC TASTE DETERRENTS: This commercial prevention is based on the ingested application tastes so bad the grubs move on. Purchase products for this deterrents at your local farm and garden store.
  • CHEMICAL INSECTICIDES: Apply (granules or sprays) toxic insecticides and water the ground or grass after the application to move the insecticide deep into the sod. Japanese beetles can also be controlled by a bacteria named milky disease or milky spore disease.
  • Call a local Professional.