Thousands inside my house

Outside-an awesome pest controller

Ladybugs outside your house are an awesome asset…doing a great job of pest control on aphids on your plants. They eat up to 50 aphids a day. Outside the house they are eaten and controlled by all kinds of bugs, birds, and frogs.

Inside-an awful pest

Ladybugs inside the house are pests…They winter in tiny cracks and crevices and in the walls and when they emerge, they move toward the warmth-which is the inside of your house…SURPRISE…suddenly you have thousands.

Inside there are no warriors to defend your house unless you have ants which if you do is even a bigger problem.

How do you deal with the invasion

Choose your weapon to get rid of ladybugs:

Chemical Prevention: Commercial pesticide sprays, powders and baits applied several times-summer, fall, and spring- inside and outside your house help. All are available locally and can be applied by you or a pest control expert and are very effective. There are chemically toxic and non toxic (organic) types.

How to prevent and get rid of ladybugs naturally:

  • Capture and release…1  at a time. (for hours)
  • Seal up all small cracks in the foundation and walls where the they enter and hibernate.
  • Use your vacuum to sweep the thousands up.
  • Buy a black light trap to attract them so you can deal with removal.
  • Buy a powder trap that will catch and stop them by drying them out. These traps are available locally.

If you can not control them, call a local pest control company for help.