5 ways to get rid of

invasive milfoil

courtesy of Portland State University

What is milfoil

Milfoil is an invasive aggressive plant that can grow quickly and crowd out native plants and mat an entire lake in just 2 years.It is carried lake to lake by fishing boat trailers and the laws in some states now mandate that fishermen clean their boats and trailers of all vegetation when they leave a lake.

Water irrigation intake pipes and power plant cooling water intakes are also negatively affected by these thick mats. Millions are spent each year to control infestations.

Have Eurasian milfoil, these are your choices.

These methods often also apply to other pond and lake grasses if you have the need to clean out areas for swimming or docking your boat.


  • Yes, pull it out by hand, a strand at a time, either standing in shallow water or with your dive suit and tanks…and toss it in the trash.


  • Purchase a rake that has sharp blades that cut it off so you can toss it. Rakes specifically designed for cutting it that you can buy are hand pulled or powered, roll, saw, or rototill their way through the milfoil.


  • Basically deny it sunlight. To do this you cover it with a blanket. There are companies that sell blankets for this purpose in many sizes.



  • Some states approve the use of a toxic chemical herbicide that targets milfoil. Check with your state agency to learn if you are allowed to use this method.