How to get rid of the water-rat

Muskrats are also named water rats.

Muskrats are the night dwellers of your garden

Muskrats are about 2 feet long, are great swimmers, and are usually critters of the night. Muskrats are vegetarians and use plants for food, dens, nests, and will creep into your garden at night and eat all your plants. Muskrats dig burrows into banks and can do terrible damage to dams, altering the water flow and water course in ways you don’t want to experience.

Because of these problems muskrats cause, they are considered a pest almost universally.

  • TRAPS: Use live humane traps and relocation on the muskrats or a box or snare trap or body grip trap for a more permanent kill solution.
  • FENCING: Fence the muskrats out with a wire fence that goes beneath the ground as well as above.
  • TASTE: Spray a bitter-tasting liquid on your plants to discourage them from eating. Cayenne pepper, coyote urine, and garlic pepper have been known to deter muskrat.
  • PHYSICAL CAPTURE: Use a stun gun or pole snare to grab the critter.
  • SHOOTING: Dispatch the muskrats, not an easy task, but it can be done.
  • POISONING: Use an approved poison if you can find one and then be careful not to have the poison accessible by other innocent animals.
Professional Assistance

If you need someone to trap and remove the muskrat, call a local pest control expert.