How to get rid of them fast

Deer are fun to watch but they destroy new growth garden plants and other greens so fast, they are a bad garden pest. But you already know it because you are at this yard and garden pest control site trying to figure out what to do.

So here are your choices

SHOOT THEM: It stops the problem, but be certain it is legal and safe to do it.


  • Put smelly stuff on plants: Soaps, rotten eggs, lots of other kinds sold in stores locally.
  • Nearby areas: Your urine on rags or bags of human hair often do the trick.

FENCE THEM OUT: However be aware they can jump over a 6 ft fence but not 8 ft.

  • Cover your plants with netting: This can stop the its ability to graze.
  • Permanent fencing: Make it tall, use wire, but this can be ugly and expensive. Visit a local fence dealer to get a quote or do it yourself.
  • Temporary plastic fencing: A less expensive option that can be removed, comes in many color options, and is easy to put up and take down. Buy it locally.
  • Get an electric fence and bait it: Electrify your fence. Put peanut butter on it to attracts them. Then the deer’s nose gets zapped, and the deer learn to stay away.
  • Hide your fence along the wood line: If the fence is hidden in the trees, your yard won’t look so bad and they will be kept out. This is the winning tactic used by  homeowners with big expensive homes to keep them from their expensive ornamental shrubs.


  • Use wireless fencing: A buried electric dog fence lets dogs chase the them out but the dog stays in your yard.
  • Use penned animals: A pig pen nearby is often effective.
  • Use tethered animals: Dogs tied at the end of the garden often keep deer at bay.


  • Cannons shooting, a radio blaring, a motion detector sprinkler turning on and scaring them with spraying water, strobe lights, sirens, but your neighbor may not be happy about it. These items and other alternatives are available locally.

STOP FEEDING THE DEER:….if you want the deer gone.

BUY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: If you are unable or unwilling to solve this 4 legged problem yourself, get the phone number of a local professional pest control specialist.