How to get rid of pigeons

Pigeons are pests

Cooing…Noisy and so irritating (worse than 10 minutes of commercials on TV?)

Droppings…It gets get deep, smell, messy, eats the paint off your car, and stains your shirt and on and on

Nests…Pigeons block drains and are fire hazards

Staring at you…They circle around and land back at the same spot…taunting and jeering.

Vote today for pest of all birds

If we held a  vote for the pest of all birds…
it won’t be unanimous yes or no because there are a few ardent pigeon lovers…as we have seen in town squares blissfully spending all of their money on the bird seed they toss out seed or day old bread at lunch every day.


The organic approach.

If you can make their roosting area uncomfortable for them, they move next door.

We mean build a wall or place a fence or net so they can’t get there. Make the roost angled instead of flat, or sticky, or pointed, or covered with barbed wire like the tops of fences around prisons and electrify anything to zap them.

Put a fake snake, cat, or owl or fox or even your shape as a scarecrow… but you must move it almost daily as their bird brain quickly figures out you are faking it.

There are many companies that exist solely to go to war with pigeons and they sell many good products that do battle in various ways.

  • Chemicals that smell, taste, stick to or give pain to their feet, poison and or repel them.
  • Mechanical solutions like spikes and wires, netting, glue traps and other special approaches.
  • And they deter and exterminate. Services and products are available locally.

LIVE TRAPPING AND RELOCATING: Not a good solution. They just fly back like pet homing pigeons do.

LIVE TRAPPING AND KILLING: Works a lot better. But be certain you do it safely and legally.

OUTRIGHT SHOOTING: BB  and pellet guns are usually the weapon of choice. Remember…be legal and do it safely.

Maybe it is time to call a professional.