slugs on flowers

Snails and slugs

9 best ways

to get rid of snails in the garden

Find the silver trail

Snails carry their house. Slugs do not carry their house. You find them in your vegetable garden or yard hiding under a board, or rock, or pile of leaves, or under dense low ground cover. You know you have them when you see their telltale sign, a long silvery mucous trail shining clearly in the morning.

snail eats leaf

Slugs ( snails without shells), are incredibly hungry eaters of your vegetable garden plants, young leaves and new bark, and flowers, and fruit plant shoots and leaves chewing irregular holes in them. And for those of you with ornamental gardens, they will eat a lot of your young plantings. They are active at night, foggy and on cloudy days and right after rain.


How to get rid of them is slow but not hard.

1. Remove their hiding places. The best key is to remove the places where they hide from the sun. Logs, boards, rocks, and low ground cover. You can remove many of these places but probably not all of them.
2. Watering: Another important organic pest control deterrent is to switch from sprinkler type watering to drip watering which removes collected water and moisture pockets they like so much.
3. Get chickens or other foul. They will remove (eat) all of them naturally very quickly.
4. You can plant flowers that act as a natural pest control garden defense. Flowers such as begonias, poppies, fuchsias, impatiens, rosemary, wormwood, and other scented plants are not their favorites and that will tend to get them to move elsewhere.
5. Set up a barrier. A thin line of dry organic DE (diatomacious earth), eggshells, or copper tape products that they have to cross are the trick. Also iron phosphate in a line kills them when they eat it.

How to kill snail and slugs.

6. Hand pick them daily. After picking them, this is how you kill them. Crush them under you foot. Or put them in a can of soapy water.
7. How to trap them

  • Traps designed to catch them: They are available locally.
  • Make your own trap: Wet an area in the evening, place a board about an inch off the ground (on stones) and in the morning or even during the day, turn over the board and clean the board of those that are clinging to it. Or just wet an area in the late afternoon, and come out after dark with a flashlight and pick and kill what you see.

8. Bait them:

  • Baits designed for slugs and snails can be purchased locally.
  • Beer in a low wall jar cap container will do them in.

9. Spray : Spray to keep them out of the garden. Use a 10% amonia mixture to kill them.