snake in grass

Snakes: How to get rid of
those in your yard

No poisonous snakes in Maine?

Keeping snakes out of the yard (and indoors as well) is not always possible. But there are things you can do to cut their numbers.

There are good snakes and bad snakes…yes…almost everyone says the only good snake is a dead snake.

It is reported there are no poisonous snakes in Maine but they are everywhere else.

So who cares.

The point is…you are not a snake expert, therefore safe snake control applies to every snake that you see. And some of you just don’t want to see one again…ever. But we must repeat the obvious…treat them all as if they are deadly poisonous…because you are not an expert and they all look remarkably alike and some of them are really bad guys.

Here are the facts.


  • Trap Them: There are traps you can buy, designed for them and there are glue traps. Other animal traps will occasionally catch the critters as well.
  • Catch Them: Either you do it yourself or call an exterminator. A local exterminator or trapper (hire a snake charmer?) is your best bet.
  • Removal: If it is dead…bury it, toss it, just get rid of it with thought for the safety for who or whatever might find it. If alive…have the exterminator take it away, or it could it become your pet? Your call.


  • “Organic” Control: Because they usually arrive to dine on what lives in your yard, if you control those food sources, they will go elsewhere. That means get rid of chipmunks, small birds and their nests, mice, rats, frogs and small fish. Yes, bird feeders attract them just as those cute little chipmunks do, so you have a choice to make. Said another way, make your yard less friendly for snakes…a dog, cat, fewer wood and rock piles, and that ugly debris you have lying around.
  • Chemical Repellents: Mothballs…a lot of them…send them away. Or easiest, the commercial repellents such as Snake Away as advertised by all the pest control companies that when applied, set up a chemical fence around the yard. They work most of the time and are worth a try.

You need to consider hiring a removal expert.