Spiders crawl out of sink

How to get rid of spiders

that crawl suddenly out of the kitchen sink,
or from behind your toilet

Types you may deal with

There are many types and most are harmless. But there are a few who are quite dangerous…the well known black widow and the brown recluse. Both of these spiders are so dangerous, we have a special page on each for you to learn about them.

On with the rest of the spiders you have around the house and yard.

  • Garden or Orb Weavers
  • Grass Funnel Weavers
  • Flower or Crab spider
  • Free spider
  • Hunting or Sac spider
  • Brown spider
  • Dwarf spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Lynx spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Hobo spider
  • House spider

What makes them so bad

Because they get in our way with their webs that feel yucky and…their look as they creep or crawl along…and even worse…crawl on us when we don’t know it…especially in bed. These are behaviors that are harmless but we will not tolerate it from this creäture. So how do you get rid of them?

Natural and organic pest control: The key is to deny them food inside so they have to go outside to get their meals of ants, flying insects, roaches, and so forth.

  • Use sticky traps to catch the spiders you already have.
  • Vacuum them, eggs and webs regularly, including attics and cellars.
  • Use yellow lights and turn down the intensity of other lights outside to attract fewer flying insects for them to eat.
  • Burn firewood you bring into the house right away because they are almost always hiding in the crevices of the wood.
  • Trim weeds, cut grass, remove trash, and bushes touching the house…a good yard maintenance routine is important.
  • Have tight-fitting screens and door sweeps and inspect them often.
  • Good sanitation inside the house means no ants, roaches, insects…all of which are food that they need if they want to live inside. If the bugs are not there, they will move elsewhere.

Chemical pest control: Only use when necessary.

  • Spray or dust a pesticide around the perimeter of your house inside and outside, placing it in all the crevices, behind bookcases, in closets, and under things like sinks.
  • Call a pest control specialist. They will have stronger longer lasting pesticides and insecticides to use than you are able to buy.