heron with fish

Sometimes a pest.

What to do!

Herons are beautiful and could never be a pest.


Owners of backyard fish ponds lose thousands of dollars of expensive beautiful ornamental fish because herons drop in and just eat them all at their leisure. A true fast-food drive-through restaurant opportunity and you have to pay the heron food bill. These are the ways to slow them down and stop them from reducing or eliminating your prized inventory.


  • Netting: Netting over the pond does the job. About 2 feet above the surface so they can’t stab the fish.
  • Decoys: Because herons feed by themselves, the sight of another heron (plastic decoy) already munching on your prize fish, causes them to land and feed themselves at your neighbors or elsewhere. Another great option is a plastic floating alligator head or a plastic owl on guard nearby.  Or fake plastic fish floating on the surface which will be the first one they decide to eat and it won’t taste so good. You have to think deviously because they are so efficient when they hunt.
  • Scare devices: Noises, motion or heat activated pulsating water sprayers (scarecrows), lights, etc, but can you stand having them around?
  • Liquid, taste, traps, spikes and similar deterrents for birds…don’t work very well…but some folk swear by them. If you want to try some, you can find them at a local farm store.

SHOOT THEM: That would work, but it is not legal nor safe in your community or elsewhere and not recommended.