caterpillar eating leaf

8 ways gardeners

get rid of caterpillar pests

Caterpillar pests are a worm like larvae of a moth or a butterfly. There are thousands of very different good-looking and very ugly caterpillars that fall into the hated group of caterpillar pests.

If you want these common pests gone, these are some of the ways your neighbors do it.

1. SQUISH THE CATERPILLAR: Between your fingers and drop them on the ground to be eaten by the ants.

2. SPRAY THE CATERPILLAR: Purchase a commercial insecticide from a local store designed for insects and spray it.

3. DROWN THE CATERPILLAR: Pick them and put them in a bucket of oil.

4. DUST THE CATERPILLAR: Use dust or wet powder insecticides or natural products like Diatomaceous Earth. These products are available locally.

5. WASH THE CATERPILLARS: Hose them down with a mixture of insecticidal soap.

6. LET WASPS “EAT” THE CATERPILLAR PESTS: Purchase some parasitic wasps that will lay their eggs on the caterpillar and eat the larvae. Parasitic wasps are very effective but should not be used indoors…of course.

7. PAINT YOUR TREE: Paint or smear a circle around your tree or the leg of a potting shed table with sticky stuff that never dries out. This mixture is available commercially under several different brands, again available locally.
8. SET OUT STICKY CARDS (Glue Traps): Place these very sticky cards about and when you have caught them, place it in a plastic bag and trash it. Sticky cards are available in local farm and garden and hardware stores.

If you need a Professional to help you, search for the number of a local pest control contractor.