Citronella repellant

Insects: How to repel

insects, bugs, and biters

Everyone has the need to repel insects…mosquitoes are the most well known…at the beach, at home, in the fields, running, hiking…those little mother’s are just about everywhere.

These are your choices.

  • SCREENS: They work well. Sit in the garage behind screen netting hanging down when the doors are up. Stay in the house with the windows covered by screens. Swim in the pool only if the entire pool is enclosed by screening. This is the time-tested insect repellent.

Net hat on lady

  • PERSONAL REPELLENT: Bug spray. Spray it on your clothes. But be careful if you do it on your skin. DEET. The stuff that works. You buy it in various concentrations based on the severity of the insects you will meet. Or if the bugs are not real intense, there are many over the counter products for you to choose from. There is another choice…cover every inch of your skin with clothes or encase yourself in netting like the folks from Maine do to not get bit by those ferocious black flies.

Yard torches

  • YARD REPELLENT: You can repel insects by buying sprays in cans at the local market. You can buy mosquito coils that burn, torches that burn, casting off an odor that repel insects. Do they work? Somewhat…when the wind doesn’t blow the smoke the wrong way.