leech on skin

How you remove a leech

in the wild

Very scary when leeches are found

No one likes to suddenly find this scary pest who sucks your blood attached to your body after your swim. Leeches are in most waterholes and as predators, they are waiting for a host to come by so they can have lunch…and in this case it is you.

What to do

Tips on how to get rid of leeches. Leeches are used across the world to draw blood to remedy certain medical conditions.

leech on finger

However when a leach attaches to you when you are in the water, you will need to remove it and do it as safely as possible to cut the chances of infection. Rest assured, some blood will be seen during and after its removal because the leech uses a blood anti-coagulant to stimulate bleeding. So be ready to deal with minor bleeding.

Removal of leeches

  • Pry the leech off with your fingernail very carefully. This the safest removal according to the experts.
  • Use a flame to make it release.
  • Use salt, insect repellent, heat rub, and some carbonated drinks to kill them.
  • Use lemon juice, alcohol, or vinegar, to kill the leech.
  • Wait…when the leech is full of blood it will drop off…then stomp it and toss it or use it for fishing bait.