live or kill trap sign

Live vs Kill Traps


Live versus Kill. One of those debates that has staunch defenders on both sides. It is not our intent to support the use of either live or kill traps to get rid of your pest in this Field Guide, but just show you the differences with pictures of live vs kill traps so you can grasp what is being debated and you can make your choice.


  • Kill traps don’t always kill. Often the animal or insect or whatever gets into the trap does not die instantly and they suffer or experience maiming and these factors foster fierce debate.
  • Kill traps kill non intended animals or insects. If a kill trap catches an animal or insect you are not trying to catch, it can not be released because if the unintended catch gets caught in a live trap, it can be released. This is also an issue of fierce debate.
  • Live traps are often used as a kill trap. For example, a suitcase trap or body trap on land immobilizes the animal…but when set up underwater… drowns the animal. Or a skunk or squirrel caught in a wire cage box trap is then placed underwater and drowns. This use also fosters fierce debate.


Bear Live Trap 
body trap
Body Live Trap
Sticky spider trap
Sticky Spider Live Trap
Cage Live Trap
Box trap
Box Live Trap
sticky snake trap
Sticky Snake Live Trap
bird live trap
Bird Live Trap
suitcase trap
Suitcase Live Trap
coyote snare trap
Coyote Snare Trap
leg hold trap
Leg Hold Live Trap
skunk spray proof trap
Skunk No Spray Trap
mole live trap
Mole Live Trap



Mole kill trap
Mole Choke Kill Trap
Chipmunk kill trap
Chipmunk Kill Trap
mole spear trap
Mole Spear Kill Trap
mole scissor trap
Mole Scissor Kill Trap
mouse/rat trap
Mouse/Rat Kill Trap
wasp kill trap
Wasp Kill Trap