maggot removal one by one from bloody open wound on cat ear

How to quick kill

a maggot, fly larvae,

and eat maggot cheese

Maggot and fly larvae are a problem just appearing when anything dies and that dead body decays and they eat the flesh. So you have found the rice like fly larvae somewhere in your kitchen perhaps under the rug or found them on a dog or cat in their skin wound and because of possible disease, need to dispose of them.

Where do maggots come from? Flies. They are a pest like an ant or cockroach or bed bugs that are scavengers essentially.

Here are a few quick suggestions to kill a maggot and get rid of it.

  • Flush your maggot…the easiest way to get rid of maggots is to flush them down the toilet.
  • Vacuum them…then put the vacuum bag in the outside trash, yes outside in trash or garbage can with the lid closed.
  • Scoop and bag the them from their nest area using a spoon…put them in your outside trash or stomp the bag of bugs flat.
  • Spray them…use hair spray, deodorant, dish soap, or vehicle brake cleaner.
  • Freeze them in a plastic bag…then trash them into the garbage container outside the house.
  • Drown these bad boys…in water, gas, or bleach.
  • Feed them…to wild or pet fish (a carp fish food delicacy), chickens, or backyard birds (also an awesome Bluebird delicacy).
  • Make it a rule:..step and squish all bags containing them.
  • Burn them…place the bag in the direct hot sun so they bake and die.
  • Put the maggots in a bag, and use them for bait.

little girl stares at a maggot in a plastic bag of moving maggots

If you find a large animal covered with maggots decaying under your house, you need it removed fast.

Call a pest control specialist to take away the animal for a fee.

A final interesting comment. Hungry? Got extra maggots?  Find a recipe for Casu marzu,  a Sardinian sheep milk cheese, that has live maggots when served.