mosquito feeds on skin

Stop tiny flying

mosquito bites

mosquitoes bite little boy

Try these alternatives.

End the mosquito from biting you instantly

  • A quick hit with your remote, rolled newspaper, or about anything you can grab to smash them.
  • Zap them…a hand held electric zapper can effectively eliminates the bug.
  • Vacuum them with a hand vacuum..”catch them if you can” works well.
  • Anti-mosquito odors…citronella type burning can chase them away for a while.
  • Spray the critters…spray them or wear a repellent wristband and that will send them to someone else.
  • Trap them and gnats…propane CO2 generators will send clear out the invaders.
  • Fog the critters…spray the area with a lethal cloud…lethal to mosquito/gnat/no-seeum biters.
  • Shoot the mosquitoes…with a salt gun. So what is a salt gun?  A salt gun is the latest invention to kill ants, flies, bees, wasps, spiders, and many more small irritating pests. Salt guns use your table salt and spray a few grains at a speed that will kill a small pest instantly without creating a mess or damage.

Good luck. May you win the mosquito war.